Harrison Ford segment for Studio 10 on Network 10 Australia.

Steele Saunders guest hosting Studio 10 on Network 10 Australia.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival promo video for Steele Saunders “Bitter Sweet”.

Was Luke Skywalker the lamest kid to ever sneak into a bar?
From Steele Wars podcast episode 82.

Comedian Steele Saunders live podcasts his first viewing of the Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser with Paul Verhoeven.
Hear their immediate reaction plus lots of screaming & happiness synced up to the footage.

The I Love Green Guide Letters podcast live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
Featuring Tony Martin, Pete Holmes, Kate Langbroek, Merrick Watts, Charlie Pickering, Libbi Gorr, Ronnie Chieng, Sam Simmons, Wil Anderson & Ryan Moloney.
Hosted & produced by Steele Saunders

On the About Tonight Live Special, Steele Saunders invited social media experts Ash Williams and Laura Dunemann on to discuss all things social media, emojis and business chairs.

A clip from Star Wars comedy podcast Steele Wars. Host Steele Saunders & Paul Verhoeven watching The Force Awakens teaser synced up with the footage.

Steele Saunders hosting I Love Green Guide Letters podcast live in Brisbane.

Ghost Fancy Magazine interviewee.

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